Operating Envelope: Flight Vehicles: Each engine type will operate only within a certain range of altitudes and Mach numbers (velocities). Similar limitations in velocity and altitude exist for airframes. It is necessary, therefore, to match airframe and propulsion system capabilities.

Figure below, shows the approximate velocity and altitude limits, or corridor of flight, within which airlift vehicles can operate. The corridor is bounded by a lift limit, a temperature limit, and an aerodynamic force limit.

The lift limit is determined by the maximum level-flight altitude at a given velocity. The temperature limit is set by the structural thermal limits of the material used in construction of the aircraft. At any given altitude, the maximum velocity attained is temperature-limited by aerodynamic heating effects. At lower altitudes, velocity is limited by aerodynamic force loads rather than by temperature.

Engine Operating LimitsThe operating regions of all aircraft lie within the flight corridor. The operating region of a particular aircraft within the corridor is determined by aircraft design, but it is a very small portion of the overall corridor. Superimposed on the flight corridor in the figure, are the operational envelopes of various powered aircraft.

Engine Operating Limits:

The operational limits of each propulsion system are determined by limitations of the components of the propulsion system and are shown in the Fig. below



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