how-the-airplane-is-control-with3-axis-webHow The Airplane Is Control with 3- Axes ?

An airplane is control with 3 axes,”lateral axis ,longitudinal axis and vertical axis“,it  moves in three dimensions with respect to the 3-axes called  pitch, roll,and yaw

airplane 3 axes control system

Roll is rotation about the longitudinal axis that goes down the center of the fuselage. The ailerons control rotation about the roll axis

Pitch is rotation about the lateral axis of rotation, which is an axis parallel to the long dimension of the wings. The elevators control the pitch of the airplane. By controlling the pitch of the airplane, the elevators also control the angle of attack of the wing.

yaw, which is controlled by the rudder, is rotation about the vertical axis, which is a line that goes vertically through the center of the wing. It is important to note that all three axes go through the center of gravity (often abbreviated c.g.) of the airplane

roll yaw pitch motions

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