Ideal time table for GATE Aerospace, which I had come to follow at last, after a lot of changes and experiences. That passion of studying 12–17 hours is not at all possible even if you follow it for 2 days you will get so much exhausted that next 2 days you will take rest and will arise a repulsive force with books. So always remember in life that be practical in your life, be it a interview, time table, friends, family etc everyone has limits and don’t try to cross them it will be destructive only.

Perfect Study time for GATE  Aerospace is maximum 8 hours per day        ( you can cut it to 6 hours also doesn’t matter)

Do’s while preparing GATE Aerospace

  1. Go through the previous year question papers so that you can get an idea of the type of questions to prepare. It will help you decide, to focus on the theoretical part or numerical part.
  2. Evaluate yourself , how much you need to work on yourself. You are weak in some topics or strong.
  3. Prepare a timeline to complete your topics. So that you complete your syllabus in time.
  4. Once one subject gets completed it has to be revised frequently (once in a month or so), so that formulae
    can be remembered on the long run.
  5. Prepare short notes for any topic and it should only contain formulae’s and imp points.
  6. Read each and every topic , prepare all subjects.
  7. Take help of nptel carefully, it consumes your time too so decide intelligently.
  8. Read standard book for concepts and solve different numerical.
  9. Give tests as much as you can. But it should be given to improve. Not to compare to others.
  10. Don’t procrastinate , be consistent in your efforts.

Don’ts while preparing GATE Aerospace

  1. Do not study at a place where you sleep, eat and do all other chores. You’ll sleep more than you study.
  2. When practicing previous years, be patient. Do not just read a question and see its answer. Let your mind
    work even if it takes some time initially. This will build up your problem solving ability.
  3. Do not blindly follow others for the strategy. Be your own critic. Make your own strategy.
  4. Use your study time, only for preparing relevant topics in syllabus and not for preparing the whole book.
  5. Do not get disheartened if preparation is not going well, maintain your equilibrium.
  6. Don’t eat unhealthy food, take care of your health.
  7. Don’t use offline calculator during practice but use online calculator.
  8. Do not study more than 2 subjects simultaneously.
  9. Do not overload yourself with too many hours of study time.
  10. Do not attend any family function, interview etc 1 month before exam.

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