Month: May 2018

turbofan engine

How The turbofan Engine works ?

How The turbofan engine works? Turbofan engine is designed as a compromise between turbojet and turboprop engines. The turbofan engine consists of a fan larger in diameter than the compressor, driven by the turbine. The fan displaces/bypasses free stream air...

/ May 26, 2018
how the turboprop engine works

How the Turboprop engine works ?

How the Turboprop engine works ? Operating Principle | Advantages | Disadvantages|Applications Operating Principle: Turboprop engine is an intermediate between a pure jet engine and a propeller engine. Turboprop engine provides high thrust per unit mass flow of fuel burnt...

/ May 25, 2018

How the airplane is control with 3 axes ? Pitch,Roll,Yaw controls

 How The Airplane Is Control with 3- Axes ? An airplane is control with 3 axes,”lateral axis ,longitudinal axis and vertical axis“,it  moves in three dimensions with respect to the 3-axes called  pitch, roll,and yaw Roll is rotation about the longitudinal...

/ May 15, 2018

How the turbojet engine works …?

How the turbojet engine works …? Working Principle and Advantages and Disadvantages Schematic diagram of turbojet with afterburner with station numbering: Operating Principle: The thrust of a turbojet engine is developed by compressing the free stream air in the diffuser...

/ May 14, 2018